Divisional Leads

We have a team of experienced and dedicated consultants that provide our customers with a professional, confidential and highly effective 360 degree recruitment solution.

Here at Anderson Young, we believe that having the same recruiter working with both the client and candidate gives them a fuller understanding of everyone’s goals and needs; we aim to minimise the stress, frustration, and confusion often associated with the recruitment process.

Jodie Morris

I started in recruitment 4 years ago and I have never looked back. It’s a love hate relationship… in the way that I hate that I love it!


I am a firm believer that in order to have strong professional working relationships, both parties need to be treated equally. After all, without a candidate you will have no clients. I take the time to understand your needs and your headaches and I’m not one for giving up, I have the tenacity to find you the man on the moon if you need me to!


My integrity, dependency and thoroughness have always been my 3 main qualities. Whether you are looking for your next role or looking to hire, I can guarantee you will have peace of mind working in association with me.                                      


Outside of work you will find me socialising with friends in a beer garden (weather permitting) or on the golf course. I went through a phase recently of running but not sure that hobby will last long.

Danny mentioned a dog called Roxie in his description, I get the benefit of looking after the much-loved Roxie on an ad-hoc basis when Danny goes away.

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Danny James

I have 24 years’ experience of working in niche recruitment in the IT, Technology, Telco and Engineering sectors. I am fanatical about recruitment and feel very fortunate to have found a job I truly love.

I am married to my best friend Georgie. The feeling is not mutual, she prefers our dog Roxie. I have 2 teenage daughters who I perform taxi driving duties for.


Outside of work I love football, especially non-league.

I spend my spare time recycling other people’s jokes and doing DIY. When Paul Weller dies I am taking the week off work to mourn the event.

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Patrick Knightley

I fell into recruitment by chance three years ago after my career as a golf professional went the same way as Tiger Woods (minus all the money and women) and I’ve loved every minute of it.

I’m hugely passionate about finding people their dream jobs; there is something deeply satisfying about solving all your clients’ problems, no matter how many late nights it takes.


Two years ago after a conference I decided I would specialise in the Internet of Things (IoT), I love technology and the enormity of what is about to happen blows my mind. I personally can’t wait for a self-driving car to ferry me around the night spots on the weekend or for a well-known delivery company to deliver my items in an hour by drone.


Outside of work you’ll find me in the boxing gym, playing acoustic guitar badly or down the local golf range gearing up for a lunge at the Seniors Tour in 20 years’ time.

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Elliott Thompson

I have 7 years recruitment experience after being a typical indecisive graduate post uni. My experience spans the energy, technology, pharma and finance sectors. I absolutely love my job and the pride and enjoyment I get from helping people into new roles and also finding that perfect individual for a business and watching them grow is what keeps me motivated.


Outside the office I am a passionate hockey player and current club captain at Camberley & Farnborough HC. When I am not down at the hockey club I am likely to be in a lake or down on the coast diving which is my other passion. 


With the free time I do manage to find outside of all this I am planning a wedding for April 2019 to my fiancée Keri, so far I have managed to get as far as a suit colour...

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Sam Bell

I started my journey in Recruitment a year ago after a year building character and thickening my skin working in retail. I am currently working within SMART Metering and Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installation.

I pride myself on my confidence and my ability to work towards getting the best possible results for both client and candidate. I take huge enjoyment from helping people find their perfect job as well as finding the perfect person for a company.

Outside of work I can often (nearly always) be found having a few drinks with my mates at one of the locals. I also try to make it to as many Chelsea games as I can each season.


If you have read all the profiles so far you will have seen a few mentions about me. I don’t come in very often.

If my Mum is away, Danny brings me to work and sometimes Jodie looks after me so I pop in and mainly just sleep in the corner.

They have tried to get me to make phone calls and arrange interviews but I prefer to sleep…..so would you if you were my age and had to climb two flights of stairs to get here.


Everyone makes a fuss of me but I still prefer to sleep. Why do they have to make so much noise in here!!??

My other job is in a beauty salon where I have my own corner and…..you’ve guessed it…..I sleep.

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