Working with a specialist recruiter

When we are seeking a particular service, we look for a specialist. If a member of your family requires heart surgery, you would be recommended to find a cardiologist rather than letting anyone from the medical industry ‘have a go’. If you were seeking advice on a legal matter you would speak to a lawyer with the relevant background rather than putting a post on social media. Why should recruitment be any different?

If you are looking to hire exactly the right person for your company would you go to a recruitment firm that handles roles across all disciplines and industries and hope for the best? Or would you go to a recruitment firm that specialises purely in your niche?

In retail terms we are the boutique shop offering valuable advice to our clients, we leave the supermarket approach to other generalist recruiters.

Here are some reasons for working with a niche recruiter:

We build relationships with the right people We know “who’s who” in the market and have long-term relationships with high quality clients and candidates, always keeping abreast with their business and career plans. This means we can direct our clients to the best candidates, and our candidates to the best employers. When you give a vacancy to Anderson Young we will often have names in our mind immediately.

Alternatively if you approach us to secure your next role, we will give you a list of companies who could require your services during the first conversation.

The passive talent

We network daily with the very best talent who may be perfectly happy in their job, but would consider moving if the right opportunity popped up. These candidates are not visible to general recruiters and you might miss out on the perfect candidate for your business so using specialist recruiters enables you to connect with that hidden talent.

When you are ready to hire, we not only reach the very best (often passive) talent that other recruiters can’t, we also gain their interest by presenting your opportunity in the best possible way.

The secret vacancies

With our relationships and the trust we build with our clients, we often know clients’ growth plans and headaches along with the individuals they are looking to hire long before the job description has been compiled. In some cases we compile the job description for them.

This means we are not limiting your search purely to open vacancies but giving you a full spectrum of the market.

We are consultative Because we understand the industry and live and breathe it, we have deep knowledge and understanding about it. This means we are able to provide insights into current trends and offer advice to both our clients and candidates to help find the best fit for their needs.

We focus on depth rather than breadth When we partner with our clients we believe in fully understanding their business and culture. There is no need to waste time explaining to us what the roles mean or demystifying the terminology for us. You also do not need to explain what candidates would have the right skills as we already have a strong understanding of the industry requirements - we just make sure the fit is right.

We ask the right questions We can properly interview candidates and dig deeper into their previous roles and experience to qualify they are exactly right for the opportunity. This enable our clients to find the right person quicker and easier.

We understand chemistry

Even if a candidate looks right on paper, if their personality and chemistry clashes with the company’s culture, it won’t ever be a good fit. We feel that cultural fit is as important as skills fit when hiring a new member of staff or securing your next career move. We take time to understand your needs in this area. If you do not enjoy the culture at your current company, we will not try to place you with a similar organisation. Niche recruiters understand their clients, generalist recruiters do not have time and for that reason, hope for the best.

Your time is valuable

Recruitment is a full time job. You are usually trying to recruit alongside your full time job. It is never going to be top of your list of favourite tasks. How nice would it be to put the task in the hands of a true specialist? If you are recruiting, you see 3 or 4 CVs that are perfect for the role that have already been pre-qualified. If you are searching for your next role, get told about a handful of relevant opportunities rather than trawling through an endless stream of advertisements.

Save yourself time, money and stress by using Anderson Young who understands what you want and knows exactly what they are doing.

Invest in a specialist, niche recruiter.

Contact Anderson Young.

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