Put a SPIN on your next interview

We've all been there; sat in reception in your best suit / dress, shoes shining and nervously clutching your notebook like a rail on the Titanic. The moment is here, the big interview. The job you have been dreaming of. You have meticulously researched the company and have compiled a list of relevant achievements for this position, but guess what? So have the competition.

How can you make yourself stand out from this crowd of equally well qualified professionals? Personality I hear you say, yes it helps but that's on the premise that the candidate before or after you is lacking the gregarious qualities to leave a lasting impression.. is that a chance you are willing to take?

Through my experience some of the best interviewees tend to be sales people, not the flashy box sellers with their barnstorming pitch, talking at the interviewer. No, I'm talking about the solution sellers. The professionals who understand a clients problems, needs and pains, the professionals who get the client to sell them the problem for which they have the solution. Done deal.

My advice would be to turn the interview on it's head - instead of sitting there hoping you will have all the right answers to the questions posed, why not ask the questions yourself at the beginning; "what impact is this vacancy having on your teams productivity?", "what skill set would add the most value to your team short term and long term?", "How can I help you reach your personal and business goals by joining the team?". The list is endless.

Find the interviewers pains and needs and sell them the solution - YOU.

Don't leave the next interview to chance, grab it with both hands and make sure you are the last one standing.

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